Обложка книги How to Get a Job in Europe (How to Get a Job in Europe, 5th Ed)

How to Get a Job in Europe (How to Get a Job in Europe, 5th Ed)


ISBN: 1884587283;
Издательство: SCB Distributors

Get the penultimate guide to getting jobs in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, Holland, Turkey, and 18 other countries. Each country?s chapter includes a directory of major employers, business directories, employment reguations for Americans, current economic climate, additional resources (major newspapers, websites, embassies, chambers of commerce, world trade centers), short?term and temporary work opportunities, internship possibilities, summer and other seasonal work, getting around, and a cultural and historical summary for each country -- over 2,000 up-to-date resources! Free updates available online! Learn how to determine if an international job is for you. The authors offer their "Nine?Step Plan" strategy that works. Learn the different approaches to resumes, cover letters, and interviewing you need to use when seeking a job in Europe -- many of the resume and cover letter practices used in the U.S. are unacceptable in Europe and...

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