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Scott Thorpe

How to Think Like Einstein: Simple Ways to Break the Rules and Discover Your Hidden Genius

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ISBN: 1570715858
Издательство: Sourcebooks
In this totally accessible, ingenious book, you will learn the tricks and techniques used by Albert Einstein and other great minds to solve bewildering problems. From business and parenting to becoming more creative and improving relationships, How to Think Like Einstein provides the tools to discovering breakthrough solutions to everyday challenges. By discovering how to free your mind and think like a genius, you will be able to break the rules that inhibit you. You will make your business more profitable, improve educational opportunities for your children, achieve artistic and creative breakthroughs, enhance the quality of your life and even get your uncooperative kids to bed on time. The impossible will become attainable when you learn how to solve problems by calling on such unlikely characters as Henry VIII, Dopey of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and your favorite aunt. Using the creative and original examples provided in this book, you will be able to solve any...
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