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Janet Ruhl

Janet Ruhl's Answers for Computer Contractors: How to Get the Highest Rates and the Fairest Deals from Consulting Firms, Agencies, and Clients

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ISBN: 0964711621
Издательство: Technion Books
Drawing on data from The Real Rate Survey and on contributions from successful computer contractors, computer consulting expert Janet Ruhl shows you: - What it takes to be eligible for big money contracts - The differences between W-2, 1099, and corp-to-corp contracting - What rates contractors are really earning and for what kinds of work - How consulting firms operate and how they exploit the unwary - How to find contracts through consulting firms and agencies - How to work directly with clients - How to protect yourself from abusive contract clauses - How to expect on the job - How to increase your value on the open market Don't take a recruiter's word for how computer contracting works! Find out the facts in thiscomprehensive new book.