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Public Agenda

Jobs: Preparing a Workforce for the 21st Century (National Issues Forums)

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ISBN: 0787248819
Издательство: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
This illustrated issue guide is a concise, clear guide that will allow all parents, students, teachers and interested citizens to consider the challenges of preparing a workforce for the 21st century and what can be done to address the issue. Written by award-winning journalist Michael deCourcey Hinds, this issue guide is part of a series of National Issues Forums guides which cover such topics as suburban sprawl, public school reform, the environment, illegal drugs, the economy and youth violence. They are stuctured in a way to give concerned citizens an unbiased, easily understandable but in-depth,introduction to an issue and explain the different and sometimes competing solutions that exist. The guides are nonpartisan and do not advocate a particular solution to any public issue, and are an excellent educational tool.
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