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Jagdish Parikh

Managing Yourself: Management by Detached Involvement (Developmental Management)

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ISBN: 0631193073
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Managing Your Self is a unique and groundbreaking guide to increasing personal and professional effectiveness in a business context. Now available in paperback, the book shows students and managers how to contribute effectively and progressively to their organizations while enjoying more effective, dynamic and satisfying professional and personal lives. Better self-management increases managers' ability to: Cope with stress. Resolve conflict. Manage change and manage to change. Achieve sustainable peak performance. Build effective teams. Influence organizational cultures. In short, they will develop "total quality". Drawing on contemporary theories of management, neuroscience, psychology and eastern disciplines as well as Parikh's own practical experience as a highly successful executive, Managing Your Self is a valuable guide for students and managers on how to improve their business performance while reaching a higher level of physical, emotional and mental well-being.