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Ronald R. Sims

Organizational Success through Effective Human Resources Management:

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ISBN: 1567204813
Издательство: Quorum Books
Not only are performance and human resources management (HRM) bound tightly together, but Sims even goes so far as to say that the way people are managed in coming decades will be the most important determinant of organizational success. He shows how success is determined by a firm's skill in attracting, developing, and retaining its human capital; how a firm's people are what give it a measurable advantage over the competition; and how an organization's commitment to developing its people's abilities and skills is an obligation at all levels. Sims focuses on practical, real-world human resources problems and activities emphasize the need for managers to prove themselves excellent people managers as well, and covers the traditional HRM tasks and responsibilities in ways that will give them new meaning and urgency. His book is essential for managers and executives throughout the organization, and indeed throughout the entire economy.
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