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Peak Performers: How to Get the Best from Yourself, Your Co-Workers, Your Staff

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ISBN: 1564145557
Издательство: Career Press
In this handbook, you'll discover how to improve employee motivation through five key areas: team-building, communication, delegation, recognition, and financial incentives. You'll learn what works and what doesn't in today's volatile, ever-changing business environment. You'll explore dozens of fresh ideas, proven management techniques, and exciting new discoveries guaranteed to put your people on the fast track to peak performance. Here's just some of what you'll learn... -Find out what your people really want out of their jobs. -Discover the important difference between job satisfiers and job motivators. -How and when to use delegation to motivate, empower, and encourage your people. -Discover the right and wrong ways to use recognition as a powerful motivational tool. -Become a respected mentor while avoiding the "three deadly sins" of mentoring others. -Communicate more powerfully, openly, and honestly with your employees.