Обложка книги Personal Knowledge to Shape Your Future

Personal Knowledge to Shape Your Future

ISBN: 0974089001;
Издательство: Ingbretsen Consulting LLC

The contents of this book are directed at a large and inclusive audience. They include working men and women, the married and single, the young and the old, both professional and front-line employees and people from diverse backgrounds. Although many of the chapters deal with work-related situations, much of the information can be applied to non-work environments. Also, both parents and teachers alike can use this book as a "practical life-skills manual" for educating and guiding the lives they touch. You will quite possibly read something in this book and say, "I know that!" My challenge to you is, take that rediscovered bit of truth and find a way to apply its message so you can use that "Personal Knowledge to Shape Your Future". The simple act of reading and then applying what you have learned, can contribute greatly to your personal happiness and success. There are several approaches you can use when reading this book. The book is not a story or sequential checklist that must be...

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