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Frances Katzanek

Reality 101

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ISBN: 0684873303
Издательство: Kaplan
Welcome to the Real World. Sound familiar? Your parents have been warning you about it for years and now it's finally here. You're entering the "Real World." But you don't have to go it alone. Reality 101 offers recent college graduates a realistic road map to help navigate the transition from campus to career. Based on a successful program developed at Roger Williams University and filled with practical advice from recent graduates, Reality 101 is the perfect companion for dealing with new challenges, including: * Finding the Job that's Right for You * Moving Back in with Mom & Dad * Signing a Lease * Managing Debt * Setting Budgets * Choosing Healthcare Options * And much more This helpful and informative book is your guide to making it through the triumphs and tribulations of everyday life. Welcome to the Real World. Welcome to Reality 101.
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