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Dorothy Leeds

The 7 Powers of Questions: Secrets to Successful Communication in Life and at Work

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ISBN: 0399526145
Издательство: Perigee Books
A smart way to find the answers we need to succeed-in business, relationships, and life. Questions... demand answers stimulate thinking give us valuable information put us in control get people to open up lead to quality listening get people to sell themselves They're an essential tool of the seeker and the problem-solver, and in our personal and professional lives, they can make the difference between getting what we want and going without. Questions have power-and by harnessing that power, we can change our world. This unique book reveals the seven powers of questions-and shows how to use them most effectively. Learn how questions can improve relationships, help determine what people really want, uncover opportunities, persuade others, and get more out of every business or personal encounter. "Impressive in its insights and practical applications, The 7 Powers of Questions gives us an entirely new way to turn an...
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