Обложка книги The Best 109 Internships (BEST INTERNSHIPS)

The Best 109 Internships (BEST INTERNSHIPS)


ISBN: 0375763198;
Издательство: Princeton Review

How can an internship launch your career? What do Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, and Bill Clinton have in common? They all had internships: Winfrey began her career interning at WTVF in Nashville, Couric got on the road to fame interning at aWashington radio station, and Clinton wet his political feet interning for Senator J. William Fulbright. Is there an internship that’s perfect for you? Yes, there is. An internship can put you on the path to success, point you in a new career direction, help you discover your talents, and give you great experience. A successful internship can also help ensure gainful employment after you finish high school, college, or grad school. What advantage does The Best 109Internships give you? The competition for good internships is fierce, but this book gives you a competitive edge. The Best 109 Internships puts you on the inside track for the best opportunities in law, the...