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Don Hutson, Chris Crouch, George Lucas

The Contented Achiever : How to Get What You Want and Love What You Get

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ISBN: 0970373635
Издательство: Black Pants Pub
This book will bring clarity, simplicity and a sense of purpose to high achievers. While many people are high achievers, and some people are quite contented, it is very rare indeed to find a person who is both at the same time. Full of fun-to-read and insightful stories, it helps answer questions plaguing many people today. How can I avoid having an abundance of work and a shortage of joy? How can I spend more time on activities that nurture my soul? How can I be a high achiever, make it to the top of my profession, and still be contented? It encourages you to design your own path in life, and in the process, realize that having it all is as much about a balanced life as it is about a balance sheet.
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