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Charles Handy

The Future of Work

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ISBN: 0855206896, 9780855206895
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Год издания: 1984
Whatever politicians say, the world of full–time employment for all has vanished. In The Future of Work, Charles Handy faces up to the facts and to the positive possibilities of the future. What do people want from work? Handy?s analysis of the real function, as well as the future, of work takes in the history – the values of the ancient Greeks, the Protestant work ethic included – and the psychology of today?s workers and jobless. Should jobs be the soel provider of interest and satisfaction, stability, money and people to meet? Could we survive without the social control, wealth creation and tax–income they bring in? Handy believes that the future must be worked for now. he argues powerfully for new forms of work – for more part–time work and shorter careers, for more voluntary and co–operative work, for more respect for work in the home and the community. He sets out the possibilities, both good and bad, for self–employment, and for organizing work federally,...