Обложка книги The Survival Bible for Women in Medicine

The Survival Bible for Women in Medicine

ISBN: 1850707529;
Издательство: CRC Press-Parthenon Publishers

This is the first practical women's guide on how to succeed in medical residency. Herself a practicing neurosurgeon who survived 6 years of residency, 2 years of fellowship, and over 1,000 nights on call, author Kathryn Ko explains in detail how women can finish residency in top form while remaining truly feminine and not missing out on life. Dr. Ko's book contains seven main chapters, beginning with detailed instructions on how to prepare for residency between Match Day and July 1. Other chapters explain how to look your best at the right time, the anatomy of the on call bag, quick tips on preparing professional grand rounds on short notice, help from nurses and mentors, how to avoid falling prey to sexual discrimination and harassment, childcare options, publishing and presentations and how to give a good impression, how to learn procedures and surgery taught by men, how to use technology to make life simpler, how to organize your home and personal and social affairs, and all about...