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Binnie Shusman Kafrissen, Fran Shusman

Winning Roles for Career-Minded Women: Understanding the Roles We Learned as Girls and How to Change Them For Success at Work

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ISBN: 0891061460
Издательство: Davies-Black Pub
Advice abounds on how to decipher the new rules of the workplace, how to resolve work/life conflicts, and what women must do to succeed. But the fundamental question of why women do what they do in their careers--their responses to issues of power and authority, the roles they choose as leaders, their communication style--has remained unanswered, until now. Winning Roles for Career-Minded Women addresses the psychological issues that lay the foundation for women's success or failure at work. Integrating insights drawn from developmental psychology and organizational behavior, Binnie Shusman Kafrissen and Fran Shusman draw on their own clinical work and the life experiences of women in the workforce to demonstrate how the lessons learned early in family life--rules about human interaction, hierarchy, structure, culture, and power--affect perception, thinking, and behavior in the workplace. The authors examine six different roles women play--Peacekeeper, Maverick, Pleaser,...
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