Обложка книги Mystery Shopping Made Simple

Mystery Shopping Made Simple

ISBN: 007144002X; 9780071440028;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 208

How to start a new career as a mystery shopper--immediately! "Mystery shopping ranks among the most popular not-for-credit evening courses, rivaling computer-skills and wine-tasting classes." -- The Seattle Times In Mystery Shopping Made Simple , you will learn to take advantage of the mystery shopper opportunities available in virtually every city in the United States and abroad! Successful mystery shopper and a leading industry authority, Dr. Ilisha Newhouse tells you how to break into the business and find the kinds of mystery assignments you want, in apparel, auto repair, real estate, restaurants, hotels, and many other industries. Step-by-step, she shows you how to: Connect with the mystery shopping companies in their areas Create shopping presentations and fill out evaluation forms Comply with all industry-related business law Prepare for KASST, a Mystery Shopper Certification test offered by the National Center...

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