Обложка книги Assembling and Repairing Personal Computers (2nd Edition)

Assembling and Repairing Personal Computers (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 0130819492;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This book divides the personal computer system into subsystems, giving brief theory of operations, installation instructions, and testing procedures. The material is presented in practical, manageable sections to be easily assimilated by the beginninguser and easily referenced by the practicing technician. Information on new ATX motherboards,on new AGP video graphics ports,on new USB Universal Serial Bus, on new DIMM memory, and on new Windows 98. Special sections on CD-ROMs, sound cards, optical scanners, and modems/faxes.Offers readers quick reference to the text's tables, figures, chip pin outs, connector pin outs and programs. Evaluation copy of The Troubleshooter provides readers with the opportunity to become familiar with the industry's best diagnostic software. An excellent reference manual for the practicing computer technician as well as for the beginning user.

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