Обложка книги Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional

Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional

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ISBN: 1562533525;
Издательство: Milady Publishing Co.

This comprehensive new book is for the skin care professional who understands the basic fundamentals of skin care. Readers will learn how to care for the distinctive features of black skin using state of the art techniques, sound nutritional practices, and client consultation and analysis. This book also includes an informative chapter on the unique aspects of black hair and nails and includes suggestions for alternative care methods, such as massage, herbs, and essential oils. Just some of what you will learn includes: -How to provide special care for black skin and nails -How nutrition can play a part in black skin care -What herbs, essential oils, and sea products to use on black skin -What makeup to use and how to apply it -What problems are unique to black skin and how to treat them