Обложка книги Design Tools for Engineering Teams: An Integrated Approach

Design Tools for Engineering Teams: An Integrated Approach


ISBN: 0766812278;
Издательство: Delmar Thomson Learning

Thriving in today's new speed-driven, business-oriented economy requires more than the ability to operate the newest CAD package or apply the latest engineering spec. As technology continues to evolve, aspects of design once relegated to an individual (e.g., cost, time, quality, market need, and customer requirements) are increasingly becoming the concern of every member of the project team. That's why Design Tools for Engineering Teams introduces readers to the engineering design process using a holistic, project-oriented approach. From concept through delivery of the final product, a recurring engineering scenario is used to guide readers to an understanding of how one aspect of design influences another. It becomes clear how the responsibilities of designers, technicians, and engineers overlap and interface with all aspects of the engineering and business process. The result is a book that serves as a timeless guide to making sound decisions, communicating effectively, defining and...