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Dimitrios Soudris, Christian Piguet, Costas Goutis

Designing Cmos Circuits for Low Power (European Low-Power Initiative for Electronic System Design (Series).)

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ISBN: 1402072341
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Designing CMOS Circuits for Low Power provides the fundamentals of low power design for logic, circuit, and physical design level as well as the "design story" of two innovative low power systems developed in the context of European Low Power Initiative for Electronic System Design. The main objective is to present in-depth analytical and design capabilities for low power design CMOS circuits. Determining the sources of power dissipation, in-depth description of the main existing low power optimization and estimation techniques, and, their corresponding advantages, drawbacks and comparisons are discussed. Part I starts with the description of the main principles of dynamic, short-circuit, static, and leakage power dissipation together with the low power strategies for reducing each power component. A typical low power design flow consists of power optimization and estimation techniques, which should be applied in each design level. Starting with the formulation of logic optimization...