Обложка книги Electrical Control for Machines, 6E

Electrical Control for Machines, 6E


ISBN: 0766861988;
Издательство: Delmar Thomson Learning

Now in its sixth edition, Electrical Control for Machines continues to provide an extraordinarily complete introduction to the range of technologies found in today's state-of-the-art industrial systems. By providing readers with a practical understandingof the logic and safety conditions required for efficient control of a single machine or a complex system, the authors define the field of industrial electrical controls in a manner that reflects the changes occurring in today's manufacturing and processindustries. Central to the book is the belief that programmable, expandable, reliable, and versatile manufacturing systems require a conceptual understanding at the system level as well as detailed knowledge at the equipment level. In-depth discussions of state-of-the-art process and machine control devices, circuits, and systems for all types of industries are included, along with thorough explanations of how electrical and electronic components function in typical motion, pressure,...