Обложка книги Electrical Raceways and Other Wiring Methods

Electrical Raceways and Other Wiring Methods

ISBN: 0766834476;
Издательство: Delmar Publishers

If there is one book every professional electrical designer, installation electrician, electrical inspector, consulting engineer, and contractor cannot afford to be without, it's Electrical Raceways and Other Wiring Methods by the authority on all thingselectrical, Richard Loyd! From power source to end-use equipment, this one-of-a-kind electrician's handbook details specific design criteria, wiring methods, and materials for all types of installations as required by the 2002 National Electrical Code (NEC®). This is especially important, since the wiring section in the 2002 NEC® constitutes the largest and most sweeping change to the Code® in recent history. Other important NFPA standards are also referenced throughout the book as appropriate, making this the single most authoritative building design how-to and reference book available today.