Обложка книги Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials

Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials

ISBN: 0766819191;
Издательство: Delmar Thomson Learning

Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials, 7th Edition focuses readers' attention on alternating current principles, with detailed coverage of inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and impedance presented in a reader-friendly manner that is ideal for newcomers to the field. Building on the foundation established in Electricity 1, readers will examine numerous types of alternating current circuits on the way to developing a solid understanding of the concepts of power, power factor, and power factor correction. Additional sample problems have been incorporated into this edition, providing opportunities to apply concepts in realistic troubleshooting situations. All-new unit summaries have been added to guide learning and mastery of important AC principles, and all information is now consistent with provisions specified in the current National Electric CodeO.