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Truman C. Surbrook, Jonathan R. Althouse, Jonathon Althouse

Interpreting the National Electrical Code

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ISBN: 0766834220
Издательство: Delmar Thomson Learning
Fully updated and based on the 2002 NEC®, the sixth edition of Interpreting the National Electrical Code® continues to offer valuable insights into 100% of the articles in the Code, explaining each in detail and offering practical examples to illustrate how they are applied. This book allows readers to navigate easily through 2002 NEC® requirements by organizing discussion into logical subject groupings - from wire, raceway, and box sizing through special applications wiring. In addition to promoting an understanding of how the Code is interpreted in specific field situations, this format allows the authors to integrate essential information that is not directly addressed in the 2002 NEC®, such as: work in metric units, voltage drop, transformer K-ratings, characteristics of industrial welders, and photovoltaic systems. Extraordinarily comprehensive, Interpreting the National Electrical Code® serves equally well as a how-to book and professional reference....