Обложка книги Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques

Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques

ISBN: 0750676116; 9780750676113;
Издательство: Newnes
Страниц: 368
Формат: 190x235

The reader is provided with information on how to choose between the techniques and how to design a system that takes advantage of the best features of each of them. Imminently practical in approach, the book covers sampled data systems, choosing A-to-D and D-to-A converters for DSP applications, fast Fourier transforms, digital filters, selecting DSP hardware, interfacing to DSP chips, and hardware design techniques. It contains a number of application designs with thorough explanations. Heavily illustrated, the book contains all the design reference information that engineers need when developing mixed and digital signal processing systems. *Brought to you from the experts at Analog Devices, Inc. *A must for any electrical, electronics or mechanical engineer's reference shelf *Design-oriented, practical volume

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