Обложка книги Practical Electronic Fault-Finding and Troubleshooting

Practical Electronic Fault-Finding and Troubleshooting

ISBN: 0750624612; 9780750624619;
Издательство: Newnes
Страниц: 240

It isn't enough to be able to design. It isn't even enough to be able to debug. To be a real fault finder, you must be able to get a feel for what is going on in the circuit you are examining. In this book Robin Pain explains the basic techniques needed to be fault finder. Simple circuit examples are used to illustrate principles and concepts fundamental to the process of fault finding. This is not a book of theory. It is a book of practical tips, hints, and rules of thumb, all of which will equip the reader to tackle any job, whether it is fixing a TV, improving the sound from a hi-fi, or locating the fault in a piece of process equipment. You may be an engineer or technician in search of information and guidance, a college student, a hobbyist building a project from a magazine, or simply a keen self-taught amateur who is interested in electronic fault finding but finds books on the subject too mathematical or specialised. But you have one thing lacking, no fault-finding...

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