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Annesa Hartman

Producing Interactive Television (Internet Series)

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ISBN: 1584500220
Издательство: Charles River Media
The concept of Interactive Television (ITV) is not an easy one to pin down. It has taken many forms, spurned good and not-so good connotations, and has confused the public and experts alike. Producing Interactive Television aims to unravel the confusion by taking an in-depth look into how the merging of digital and Internet Technologies is changing the way people receive, watch and react to TV, and the way TV producers plan and develop productions. For easy understanding and clarity of the topic of ITV and its content development process, the book is divided into three parts. Part One offers the necessary background information on ITV?s origins and future. Part Two is a start-to-finish guide to the enhanced TV development process, including hands-on lessons for the prototyping and HTML implementation of ITV interface designs. In Part Three, TV producers and ITV developers share their real-world ITV projects, providing insightful advice on the pitfalls and successes of ITV...