Обложка книги Scroggie's Foundations of Wireless and Electronics

Scroggie's Foundations of Wireless and Electronics

ISBN: 0750634308;
Издательство: Newnes

Scroggie's Foundations is a classic text for anyone working with electronics, who needs to know the art and craft of the subject. Based on experience since the dawn of the electronic age, and updated in regular editions over 60 years, it covers both the theory and practical aspects of a huge range of topics from valve and tube technology, and the application of cathode ray tubes to radar, to digital tape systems and optical recording techniques. Since Foundations of Wireless was first published over 60 years ago, it has helped many thousands of readers to become familiar with the principles of radio and electronics. The original author Sowerby was succeeded by Scroggie in the 1940s, whose name became synonymous with this classic primer for practitioners and students alike. Stan Amos, one of the fathers of modern electronics and the author of many well known books in the area, took over the revision of this book in the 1980s and it is he, with his son, who have produced this...