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Ingrid Meyer

Your Own Two Feet (And How to Stand on Them): Surviving and Thriving After Graduation

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ISBN: 0312241348
Издательство: St. Martin's Press
Until now mom and dad paid, but suddenly you're on your own. Is a degree really enough to fall back on? Your Own Two Feet demystifies the process of getting a life together on the double-quick. Learn how to: * manage your "adult" finances - realistically * get and set up an apartment * seek a job that actually makes sense * get connected to an unfamiliar community * keep safe and healthy * fill the friend void with people you really want to know * and have a great time while living independently Perfect for the new graduate about to be flung out into the cold, cruel world, Your Own Two Feet eases the process and serves as a sane but fun mini-reference for the first few years out of the nest.