Обложка книги Guide to Electronic Surveillance Devices

Guide to Electronic Surveillance Devices

ISBN: 0790612453;
Издательство: Prompt (DPI - 8/01); 1 edition
Страниц: 280

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to set up and maintain an effective surveillance system! Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, Electronic Surveillance Devices contains all of the information needed to enhance the safety and security of a home or office, from safeguarding against theft to monitoring employee performance and preventing illegal activities from occurring on site. This how-to and reference manual begins by introducing the latest in video and audio surveillance system technology, including both surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment. Subsequent chapters guide readers in selecting the best surveillance devices for home or office security while encouraging them to take into account important system design issues, such as: power supply considerations, camera locations and disguises, use of telephone lines, VCRs and computer network systems, and more! Unique requirements for surveillance in remote locations are explored fully, and a glossary is included to...