Обложка книги The Mathematical Theory of Dilute Gases

The Mathematical Theory of Dilute Gases

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ISBN: 0387942947;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 364

This book is devoted to the presentation of rigorous mathematical results in the kinetic theory of a gas of hard spheres. Recent developments as well as classical results are presented in a unified way, such that the book should become the standard reference on the subject. There is no such book available at present. The reader will find a systematic treatment of the main mathematical results, a discussion of open problems, and a guide to the existing literature. There is a rigorous and comprehensive presentation of strict validation of the Boltzmann equations, global existence theory, and the fluid-dynamical limits. The authors also review and discuss classical derivation and properties of the Boltzmann equation, particle simulation methods, and boundary conditions.

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