Обложка книги Goof-Proof Personal Finance

Goof-Proof Personal Finance

ISBN: 1576855023;
Издательство: LearningExpress

Book DescriptionComplete with dozens of samples and strategies, Goof-Proof Personal Finance will help you make your hard-earned money work for you now, and in the future. Learn how to invest wisely and save for retirement and special purchases! This book has 44 simple solutions for everyday financial issues, including brief, manageable, easy-to-follow rules, models, charts, and sample spreadsheets to help you get a grip on your finances. Goof-Proof Personal Finance will help you to monitor spending habits by getting organized for saving, managing bill paying. and gaining control of large debts. You'll learn how to secure home equity loans and mortgages, plus refinancing strategies, investing for the future, and understanding retirement plans. Follow the Goof-Proof Rules now to get in good financial shape and look forward to a sound financial future!

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