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Eleni Roulis

Transforming Learning for the Workplace of the New Millennium, Book 2: Students and Workers As Critical Learners (Secondary Curriculum)

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ISBN: 1578860504
Издательство: ScarecrowEducation
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThis book is part of a comprehensive curriculum package for grades 11-14. It will help develop partnerships between business organizations and educational institutions to create and implement effective school-to-career programs that prepare work-ready and career-bound students. Special Features: A guide to secondary classroom instruction, worksite induction, and cross-discipline coordination. Detailed lesson plans are developmentally sequenced through the entirety of the curriculum. Hands-on activities are developed that students, parents, and teachers will find exciting. Consists of four parts--Preparing for the Voyager Program; The Classroom and Workplace Experience; The Roles and Responsibilities of all Stakeholders; and Voices from the Next Generation: Critical Workers and Learners-which can also be purchased separately.