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Nigel Gann

Managing Change in Voluntary Organizations: A Guide to Practice

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ISBN: 0335196217
Издательство: Open University Press
This is a book about how voluntary organizations cope with the relentless demands of change - the 'contract culture', service delivery, the 'professionalization' of the voluntary sector, the 'new managerialism'. It focuses on the needs of voluntary organizations as they confront the absorption of their provision into mainstream care services; the need to adopt business methods in their internal organization and external relationships; and the development of policies and procedures to ensure the provision of quality services. Nigel Gann provides many examples of good working practice, as well as an exploration of the key issues involved in 'quality' management. Managing Change in Voluntary Organizations examines: * What must be the characteristics of management within the modern service culture * How voluntary organizations can protect the ethics of 'voluntariness', while competing with the private and public sectors in the market-place * What policies...
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