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Michael McCraley, Michael T. McCraley

Bouncing Back: Handling the Transition from Firing to the Next Job

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ISBN: 0595099459
Издательство: Writers Club Press
We will all be fired at least once in our lifetime, more if one works for high technology companies! It is ugly. It is uncomfortable and it is a morale destroyer. One day in charge of multimillion dollar budgets and the next day on the street with no one returning your calls. This book takes you through the inner thoughts of that process from one who has personally experienced this situation several times and come out on top. It is a traumatic time for anyone regardless of level in the firing company. This book of short essays helps distill the feelings one experiences and gives concise directions on how to deal with these feelings and the entire process. Hopefully, these essays help one to come to grips with the reality of his/her situation and prepare one for the next job such that this scenario never has to be experienced again.