Обложка книги Career Bounce-Back!: Surfing the Emotional Wave

Career Bounce-Back!: Surfing the Emotional Wave


ISBN: 0972062904;
Издательство: Career Bounceback, Inc

Enabling individuals to weather the trauma of unemployment, this guide offers real-world advice from a victim and survivor of downsizing and restructuring. Unemployed professionals learn practical steps for managing the grief that follows job loss and methods for guiding and protecting their families through the challenges of unemployment. Solid, effective strategies for recovery and reemployment are featured along with motivational examples of fellow professionals who have successfully reentered the jobmarket. Covered are issues such as gracefully parting ways with a former employer, coping with feelings of powerlessness and fear, maintaining and rebuilding networks, finding the hidden job market through informational interviewing, and effectively marketing oneself to perspective employees.

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