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Michael Farr

Career Guide to America's Top Industries (Career Guide to Americas Top Industries, 2004)

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ISBN: 1593570325
Издательство: Jist Publishing
* Attention job seekers: Choice of industry is as important as choice of occupation! * Substantial reviews that include details on job opportunities, training and education needed, earnings, advancement, benefits, projected growth, working conditions, and more. That is right: As the economy changes, it is important for workers, job seekers, and students to know about career opportunities in all industries. "Career Guide to America?s Top Industries" provides an excellent overview of major employment, industry, and technological trends Information for each industry?s major jobs. And it is all cross-referenced to the "Occupational Outlook Handbook," another major source of career data. In fact, the "Career Guide" is produced by the same group at the U.S. Department of Labor. This is an essential reference for a variety of people: job seekers, students, career changers, employers, and many others.
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