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Leigh Wade

Careers in Private Security: How to Get Started, How to Get Ahead

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ISBN: 1581603096
Издательство: Paladin Press
In this straight-from-the-horse's-mouth guide to jobs in the private security field, author Leigh Wade shares what he's learned during 30 years of working all sorts of armed and unarmed positions. With honesty and humor, he describes the hierarchy of private security jobs, starting with unarmed fixed-post positions and moving up through armed guards, bouncers, correctional officers, armed couriers, bodyguards and the top of the field - computer/information security experts. Wade, a Vietnam veteran who served with Special Forces, tells potential security personnel how to find jobs, what kind of training to expect, the pay scale and benefits, advancement potential, the good and bad points of each job and what to expect during a typical workday. Let this knowledgeable guide help you avoid the pitfalls and advance to where you should be in the field of private security.
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