Обложка книги Infrared Spectral Interpretation: A Systematic Approach

Infrared Spectral Interpretation: A Systematic Approach

ISBN: 0849324637;
Издательство: CRC
Страниц: 266

This author's second volume introduces basic principles of interpreting infrared spectral data, teaching its readers to make sense of the data coming from an infrared spectrometer. Contents include spectra and diagnostic bands for the more common functional groups as well as chapters on polyester spectra and interpretation aids. Discussions include: o science of infrared interpretation o light and molecular vibrations o how and why molecules absorb infrared radiation o peak heights, intensities, and widths o hydrocarbons, carbonyl groups, and molecules with C-N bonds o polymers and inorganic molecules o the use of atlases, library searching, spectral subtraction, and the Internet in augmenting interpretation Each chapter presents an introduction to the nomenclature and structure of a specific functional group and proceeds with the important diagnostic bands for each group. Infrared Spectral Interpretation serves both novices and experienced practitioners in this field.

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