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Patrick James Bruneteau

Etude sur Les Chasseurs de Tetes et l'Executive Search en France en 1998

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ISBN: 2951315007
Издательство: Top Executive Search Survey - Division of B & ASSOC.
French Language Edition. This Research Report is about choosing and using a headhunter to recruit executives in France. The first chapters present two surveys : the first one was conducted with 132 managers and HRM's of companies or groups; the second one was done through interviews conducted with 40 executives search-firm managers in France in 1998. The following chapter is a short history of executive search business (8 pages)- The chapter 7 presents a few subjects pondered over by executive search professionals in France. This report focuses in chapter 11 on the top 60 Executive Search Firms which represent in France in 1998 around 95 % of this market. For each executive search firm the analysis provides micro biography of the general management as well as of selected consultants. Precision about shareholders, the firm's history, some figures, specialization per industry sector, functions, firm positioning, fee and expense policy, guaranties to clients, professional association,...