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Jack Edward Olson

How to Find Opportunities and Cash in on Them

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ISBN: 1413404448
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
DESCRIPTION HOW TO FIND OPPORTUNITIES AND CASH IN ON THEM BY JACK EDWARD OLSON YOUR RESUME MAY BE HOLDING YOU BACK * Why do some people just seem to fall into that once-in-a-lifetime job? * Others even get set up in business with no out-of-pocket money * Some get hired or promoted when there are no positions open * And how do people beat out the competition even without a resume, and at top salaries? * People even move into careers for which their resume would disqualify them. And they doit easily! How? Anybody can do all of these things. HOW TO FIND OPPORTUNITIES AND CASH IN ON THEM reveals the secrets, all generously illustrated with examples. From simple techniques that can be used immediately, to preparing an irresistible proposal. It shows how to identify and find opportunities, create and evaluate ideas, develop plans, sell yourself, gain support, rise above the competition, discover what?s holding you back, and create a demand for yourself and your...
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