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Christopher Porter

How to Get a Job in Congress (Without Winning an Election)

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ISBN: 0970154607
Издательство: Blutarsky Media
If you're seeking a job in Congress or just want to know what it is like to be a staffer on Capitol Hill, this book is definitely for you. An exclusive, step-by-step plan for new college grads, young professional who want to switch careers, and the people who counsel them, How to Get a Job in Congress (Without Winning an Election) is a real, down-to-earth look at the unique job opportunities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Written by Christopher Porter, 10-year veteran of CapitolHill and founder of YourCongress.com, How to Get a Job in Congress offers frank and funny "Inside Info" tips and uncovers other information that no one else has ever dared to tell. From its candid advice on living in Washington to insights on working with Members of Congress, this book is a must for anyone seeking a job under the Capitol dome.
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