Обложка книги I'm a People Person: A Guide to Human Service Professions

I'm a People Person: A Guide to Human Service Professions


ISBN: 0398073562;
Издательство: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher Ltd

Many undergraduate students lack knowledge of the depth and breadth of opportunities available to them in the human service field. This book will provide them with the information necessary to make an informed choice and provide undergraduate students with a brief but fertile resource to assist them in making undergraduate and post-undergraduate decisions. It will also prove useful to college career counselors with a resource they can utilize with the student who approaches them with the statement: "I like to work with people but I don?t know what I want to do!" This book will serve as a starting point for students in such a predicament. It is not intended to be a detailed description of each profession addressed in the book, but rather provide an academ-ically sound description of selected human service professions for a potential student. It is designed to assist an individual in choosing a current major, as well as in assessing graduate study options and requirements and/or an...