Обложка книги In Search Of  the Perfect Job

In Search Of the Perfect Job

ISBN: 0070388814;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

Reorganizations-restructurings-shake-outs-mergers-For millions caught in today's unstable business climate, these euphemisms for involuntary career change often produce the same soul-wrenching, traumatic responses. Now In Search of the Perfect Job shows emphatically the actual or impending loss of one's career doesn't have to translate into emotions. Written for anyone whose career is stalled, stuck, or in jeopardy, as well as anyone else who just feels it's time to make a career change, this job-counseling guide equips and empowers job seekers to take charge of their lives and careers with a method that has proven to be a breakthrough for over 10,000 of the authors' clients.

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