Обложка книги Jobs That Don't Suck

Jobs That Don't Suck

ISBN: 0345424263;
Издательство: Ballantine Books

"I completely and totally remember what it's like graduating from college and having absolutely no clue what to do with my life." --Charlie Drozdyk Sound familiar? Then turn off the tube, get off the couch, and read this book. Why this book? Drozdykisn't one of those so-called career experts who tells others how to get a job but hasn't gotten one himself in years. He has learned firsthand how to open doors that seem jammed shut and get an offer over hundreds of other applicants. His advice comes straight from the employment trenches. Here's his advice on: Deciding which job is right for you--and which ones will lead to a life of eternal misery Resumes and cover letters--what works, what sucks, what you can get away with Interviewing Hell--staying cool in the hot seat Successful Getting your boss to love you--and giving good phone Moving up the ladder--from being an...