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Killer Interviews


ISBN: 0070057567;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

Play the interview game and clobber the competition! Ever have other candidates beat you to jobs you wanted, even though they didn't have half of what you had to offer? It's a good bet they knew how to play the interview game--a contest you can learn toace with Killer Interviews, by master coaches Frederick W. Ball and Barbara B. Ball. This guide to interview strategy tells you how to: * Take advantage of the only three rules any interviewee needs to know * Read interviewers like a book, recognizing and responding to their predictable signals * Make subtle adjustments in your presentation that can push you over the top * Walk the fine line between confidence and cockiness * Savor the "thrill of the kill", but not let it seduce you into accepting anoffer that's wrong for you * Much, much more

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