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Angela K. Durden, Marcia A. Champagne

Nine Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Resume

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ISBN: 0970135602
Издательство: Writer for Hire
A resume is an advertisement designed to open the door to an interview. Most Job Seekers do not have their entire work history details, remember key information, or know what an employer wants and needs. You cannot effectively advertise what you don't know. This is not a book full of OPR (Other People's Resumes). You are looking for a job for YOU, not someone else. Nine Stupid Things is full of timeless (and time-saving) hints, tips, and plain common-sense principles that will help you put together your career information for greatest impact. It will allow you to manage your career information by giving you ONE place to keep ALL pertinent job related information. It is a book that will be your companion for many, many years to come.
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