Обложка книги Real-Resumes for Students (Real-Resumes Series)

Real-Resumes for Students (Real-Resumes Series)

ISBN: 1885288182;
Издательство: Prep Publishing

A 192-page book, Real-Resumes for Students shows actual resumes and cover letters that helped students launch a career after graduation from college, technical or professional school, or graduate school. Real-Resumes for Students is based on the philosophy that students have particular problems when they approach resume preparation and job hunting. Students are usually seeking their first professional position and they must figure out how to present in a meaningful fashion work experience such as waitress, tutor, intern, student teacher, volunteer, residence hall counselor, and sorority president. The Table of Contents is designed to present actual resumes of real individuals with varying degrees ranging from accounting and computer programming, to sports administration and veterinary technology. The theory behind the book is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and all resumes and cover letters shown in the book have been handpicked. There are numerous resumes which illustrate...