Обложка книги Survey On Headhunters And Executive Search In France In 1998

Survey On Headhunters And Executive Search In France In 1998

ISBN: 2951315015;
Издательство: Top Executive Search Survey - Division of B & ASSOC.

CHAPTER 2: THE VARIOUS "HEADHUNTING" TRADES It is interesting for a client or a candidate to know what kind of Headhunter he is dealing with. Several cases may arise with, naturally, a number of possible variants for each of them. The two major trends to be found in the United States, probably many more than in Europe or France, are the " retainer " missions and those carried out in " contingency ". Both approaches are quite specific, and even if the goal is similar, the means, practices and inherent characteristics of the trade are completely opposite. In the Executive Search trade, with the retainer option, the mission is under an exclusivity contract signed with the client, and the fees and expenses to be paid to the provider are stipulated in a clear agreement which also sets a specific time-table for these payments. The provider - in this case - the firm - is under no obligation other than the means to be committed in order to present a short-list of excellent candidates...

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