Обложка книги The Perfect Career (and how to GET IT)

The Perfect Career (and how to GET IT)

ISBN: 0967566304;
Издательство: Aurous

Aurouss The Perfect Career (and how to GET it) gives people who are interested in teaching, master teacher techniques to becoming a professional in the ever-expanding career field of education. As recently as the September 1999 issue of American Teacher, the American Federation of Teachers (A.F.T) quotes the National Education Departments statistic of our nation needing 2.2 million teachers in the next decade. The increased interest in the education field is why The Perfect Career`s time has come. In it, T. H. Grodin outlines the need for this comprehensive guide when seeking to secure a teaching position. The book has the following benefits for both those interested in teaching and for those people looking to actually launch their teaching careers. The book features: * The psychology of the connections made within the classroom and how to enhance them. * A proactive plan essential in helping the candidate battle the fear typically associated with ...